Traffic Tickets and Moving Violations

Often, traffic-related offenses are considered a civil infraction or a misdemeanor, which carry a monetary fine. Civil infractions are also reported to the State of Michigan, where corresponding points are added to a divers’ record. Traffic-related offenses can also be misdemeanors, punishable with a fine and up to one year of incarceration.

Traffic-related offenses are usually addressed in the district court. While the State of Michigan is responsible for the points related to each traffic violation, each district court has some discretion in setting the fees that may be assessed. For example, Sterling Heights and Shelby Township District Courts follow the below fee schedule.

Attorney Laura Marji routinely assist clients with traffic related violations in Macomb County (including Shelby Township, Utica, Richmond, Romeo, New Baltimore, Macomb Township, Sterling Heights, Harrison Township, Clinton Township, Mt. Clemens, Eastpointe, Warren, and Eastpointe). By successfully negotiating a resolution of a traffic violation, the driver may be able to avoid points on their license and excessive fines. For more information, call Laura I. Marji.

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For your information, please see the information below related to Moving Violation Fees and Points for the Sterling Heights and Shelby Township District Courts.

Too Fast for Conditions$1302
Too Slow for Conditions$1302
Excessive Speed$1302
Unsafe Manner$1302
Careless Driving$2003
Careless Driving – Accident$2253
Disobey Stop Sign$1303
Disobey Traffic Control Device$1302
Disobey Traffic Signal$1303
Drove Left of Center$1302
Fail to Signal or Observe$1302
Fail to Use Care and Caution$1302
Fail to Stop in Assured Clear Distance - Accident$1552
Fail to Yield$1302
Fail to Yield to Emergency Vehicle$1802
Fail to Yield to Emergency Vehicle - Accident$2052
Follow Too Close$1302
Impeding Traffic$1500
Improper Lane Use$1302
Improper Passing$1303
No Proof of InsuranceContact Court 
Prohibited / Improper Turn$1302
2 or More on Cycle / Moped$1102
Speeding 1 - 10 over$1302
Speeding 11 - 15 over$1503
Speeding 16 - 20 over$1704
Speeding 21 - 25 over$1904
Speeding 26 and over$2104

Information provided for informational purposes only. Fines and points are may be updated from the time of posting and not reflected above. Contact an attorney for the current fine accessible and points for moving violations.