Real Property and Quite Title Actions

Real property and quite title issues come up more often than one would think. This can arise if a conveyance of real property has a cloud on the title. It can also occur if a piece of property has more than own owner, and the owners are at odds with how to use or manage the property. Attorney Laura Marji has represented clients with both of these issues. For more information, call Laura I. Marji.

Attorney Laura Marji assisted a client with a real property issue. She was highly satisfied with the result and says:

“Laura I Marji, Attorney represented my need with ease and confidence. I was kept well informed. Each step of the procedure was explained clearly to me. The paperwork was accurate and processed efficiently. The process was right on schedule. Laura was very processional yet compassionate and has a warm receptive personality. Laura followed up regularly and a final follow up one month after the entire case was closed. I find that to be exceptional.”