License Restoration

Oftentimes throughout our lives, we experience unforeseen circumstances that could dramatically impact our daily lives. For those clients who have lost his or her privilege to drive a car or operate a motor vehicle, we can assist them in filing a Driver’s License Appeal before formally reinstating their driving privileges.

Drug and alcohol related convictions can result in the revocation of a driver’s license to operate a motor vehicle. Before a driver may request a hearing to have their license reinstated they must first complete the waiting period. During this period our office can assist with the preparation of a petitioner’s application for a Driver’s License Appeal. This will ensure that the client is ready to file the application as soon as the waiting period has completed.

For this hearing, three to six letters of support from family members or friends who can personally vouch for and support the abilities of the driver are required and must accompany an applicant’s request for a hearing. These letters should represent a cross-section of the applicant’s community and personal relationships, ultimately attesting to the applicant’s sobriety or general ability to operate a motor vehicle.

In addition, the applicant must also meet with a substance abuse evaluator no more than 90 days prior to submitting the application to determine their sobriety. In the event that the applicant is required to use an ignition interlock device, he or she will also be required to submit a history of this device.

We are fully prepared to assist you in filing your application in a manner to ensure that you receive effective representation in Driver’s License Appeals. Attorney Laura Marji has successfully represented numerous clients get their licenses back. When deciding to retain an attorney to assist you, it is important that your attorney assist you from the beginning of your appeal. For more information, call Laura I. Marji.