Estate Planning

  • Power of Attorney
  • Last Will & Testament
  • Trusts

Estate planning is often a tough topic to discuss. Many of our clients ask if they need to consider the preparation of a last will and testament, power of attorney, or trust. While most people have not had these documents prepared for them, at our law firm, we will ensure that they’re all prepared for you because they are important documents that can help you in the future.

By executing and planning a last will and testament, we can help to ensure that your assets are distributed to your designated beneficiaries just as you’d like them to. We’d also be able to nominate the individual who can administer the estate in Probate Court. In addition, we recommend that you execute a power of attorney along with the last will and testament to ensure that health care decisions and legal decisions can be made without delay.

Trusts are created to hold assets that can be distributed to family members well after their passing. Often, clients provide trusts to help pay for education, living expenses, and other basic needs for their family.

Attorney Laura Marji routinely assists clients with the preparation of powers of attorney, last will and testaments, and trusts. Whether interested in a single document, or a comprehensive estate plan call Laura I. Marji.

Attorney Laura Marji assisted a client with his divorce matter in the Macomb County Circuit Court and his estate plan following the divorce. He was highly satisfied with the result and says:

“Laura was fantastic! Patient and personable. Helped me with many extenuating circumstances. A true professional and I’m glad I chose her as my attorney! I would highly recommend her.”